Hire Test Automation Engineers

Hire Test Automation Engineers without compromising quality or cost using Tigillo's IT staffing services. We provide the best test automation engineers in the business at an instant.

Hire Test Automation Engineers

Our test automation engineers will develop your test cases with frameworks such as Cucumber and RobotFramework for you to rerun them automatically to save both time and money.

They assist with detecting any defects or malfunctions in software programs by designing and running the test scripts, sharing these concerns with software developers to identify solutions, and retesting the product to ensure that the changes are implemented.

You can improve your company's productivity by using cost-effective and speedier automated testing, and we can help you hire the right talent pool of test automation engineers that suit your test automation needs.

Seamless Selection Process

We will select the best test automation engineers that match your project needs; they are pre-screened, interviewed and the cream of the lot is sent directly to you.

Technical Expertise

Our test automation engineers are certified experts in different programming knowledge and a wide variety of automation tools.

Save Time

We will handle the candidate screening, assessment, and hiring process. You will save a lot of time by not undertaking any of the tedious activities associated with hiring.

Overall Assessment

The candidate is evaluated for their technical expertise and personality, leadership abilities, education, certifications, and other factors, giving you a comprehensive picture of the potential candidate.

Cost Effective

We offer the best in business test automation engineers at lower costs, and the entire pre-screening process is done by us, saving you a lot of time and money.

Streamline your business processes with our expert test automation engineers!

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Find the Perfect Match of Talent For Your Test Automation Project

Save yourself from the hassles of hiring a permanent test automation engineer. Instead, find a test automation engineer who suits your current project scope and requirements.

Hire a single tester or a team of testers from our large pool of qualified test automation engineers who can efficiently perform various testing tasks, write test scripts, run tests scripts, and perform retesting on various automation tools.

Our test automation engineers have worked on various projects. They are well acquainted with the latest trends and technologies in the field of test automation, allowing your company to maximize its return on investment and revenues.