Functional Testing

Once the software has been developed, the next step is to ensure that it performs as expected. Our functional testing services assist you in determining whether the web and mobile application functions are performing adequately.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is part of the quality assurance process for web and mobile applications, and we test them for all the use case scenarios to identify any threats that might occur after deployment.

The end goal of functional testing is to identify any potential bugs early on in the product development life cycle, detect any defects, provide quality improvements with new features.

Software Quality Assurance

We ensure the products are reliable, stable, and of high quality before they hit the market.

Our highly experienced QA testers develops automated functional tests to ensure acceptance criteria are met for all the features of web and mobile applications developed.

We use automated tests to run on CI/CD pipeline and validate automatically if any code change can be promoted to higher environment.

Software Quality Assurance

Positive User Experience

Poorly performing functions can lead to a negative user experience; with functional testing, we ensure any feature works as it needs to be.

Develop Test Cases

Test cases are planned and developed according to test scenarios, and functional tests are conducted to emulate the user experience.

Reporting Test Results

The report includes the details of the tests performed, their outcomes, and any bugs discovered.

Continuous Improvement

Functional testing entails more than detecting bugs in the product; it also entails delivering a high-quality application by continuously improving the user experience.

Long Term Engagement

Our functional testing service is a long-term engagement where we test each feature continuously through CI/CD pipeline.

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Tests make sofware better!

Our certified professional test engineers deliver functional testing for applications of varied programming languages and various platforms at ease.

We will analyze the testing requirements of each application and create test cases in close collaboration with developers and key stakeholders. Because we use agile methodologies for product development, we ensure continuous testing and delivery so that bugs are caught early, and you have a high-quality application in hand.