Exploratory Testing

Our talented testers provide on the fly exploratory testing to identify any glitches that have missed regular functional testing.

The Human Factor

Regular automated tests can sometimes fail to detect potential errors, costing a company a lot of money. Even if the automated test shows that the product is error-free and technically sound, the moment a user touches an application, it can tell a completely different story.

The solution is to test the application as a user would use it, without any predefined test cases.

Exploratory Testing at Tigillo

Tigillo's expert exploratory testing engineers can meticulously skim through the entire software and test various potential use cases to catch any bugs missed by conventional testing procedures, assisting in developing error-free software.

The defects are identified, and the exploratory tests are documented to convert them into functional automated tests for future use.

Software Quality Assurance

Test Scenarios

Our test engineers will analyze various test case scenarios and create their own list of tests to explore the user experience.

Time Boxed

Our test engineersers work for a predefined amount of time without any distractions to analyze the application or the software from all the different angles.

Analyze Test Results

Tigillo's team of experienced testers then analyses the test results to understand the various aspects of the software and how it works.


Our team then compiles all the test results and compares them with the test scenario to check if further tests are required.


Exploratory Tests are by nature non-deterministic. They produce alternate test scenarios which help us to enrich the automated tests with our discoveries.

Do you want to identify that million-dollar defect hiding in plain sight?

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Value Driven Testing

Exploratory testing is beneficial to agile development because agile emphasizes rapid software development and release. Exploratory testing is faster because there is no time wasted in preparing large documents for test cases. We at Tigillo believe in delivering value as quickly as possible. Exploratory testing allows us to do just that.